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  • 19/06/2017 Mexican Baja Container
    • Mexican Baja Container

      Our next container from Mexico, bursting at the seams with baja jumpers, will be arriving around mid June. Keep checking nearer the time for a more accurate ETA!

    • Nepalese Container

      Our next Nepalese container should be getting on the water by the end April and so should be with us by the end of May. Stay tuned for more accurate delivery times closer to arrival. There will be plenty of clothing, bags, purses, accessories and Buddhist items.

    • Bali Tropical Pom Pom Shorts Shipment

      A special shipment of our highly anticipated Tropical pom pom shorts (BA929) will be arriving at around the end of May. Perfect for the hot summer months! Use the stock notification button on the shorts page here.