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  • 20/03/2019 Nepal
    • Nepal

      We have just received a container load of Nepalese goods and are expecting even more over the coming two months. There will be an airfreight arriving in May and another sea shipment in June.

    • Peru shipment with lots of items including gourd birds, pan pipes and loads more of our popular Peruvian earrings.

    • Thailand

      We've got a small Thai shipment due to arrive with us at the end of January.

    • Bali

      Our next Balinese container will be arriving very soon after we return from the Christmas break. 

    • India

      We've got a series of Indian shipments arriving in the first few months of 2019. Clothing, bags and gifts will all be arriving throughout January. Our Hari Darshan incense and a shipment of bells and instruments will be arriving in February. Lastly, we are expecting a shipment of coasters and wooden boxes to arrive in March.