Siesta / Events

  • 30/11/2017 Guatemala
    • This small shipment from Guatemala will contain the long awaited pouches and a selection of other replenishment stock.

    • We have a lovely container full of Mexican textiles including a huge amount of Baja Hoodies as well as mexican rugs, throws and a few ponchos. This container will also see the introduction of some XXXL Bajas in selected colours - though the price is still to be confirmed.

    • We've got a full container due in which will be stufffed full of replenishment stock and a few sneaky new lines that have as yet not been added to the website - oooooooh exciting!

    • Peru shipment including new samples the encantos jumpers and a top up of various bits and pieces.

    • This shipment is mainly a replenishment of the Indian wooden incense boxes that proven to be very popular at this year's tradeshow along with some popular clothing lines.

    • This is a small shipment of replenishment stock including newspaper pencils.