Siesta / News

    • We are just about to finish up our fantastic Winter Warmers sale with only a few days left. Make sure you get your orders in before midnight on the 18th to get the fantastic prices. If you miss out on this batch of bargains, don't worry! We already have our next sale extravaganza planned so stay tuned for more details....

    • We've just returned from a buying trip to Bali and Thailand. We visited lots of our suppliers and ordered some great new items. There is a write up of the trip on our new blog along with posts on a range of subjects.

      We are also pleased to be offering an exciting new product, Bombangles! These great items are made from recycling deactivated bombs. 

    • Is there a product that we don't sell that you feel would fit in with our site that we don't import ?

      Please remember though we are a Fair Trade supplier and as most of our suppliers are relatively small, often family workshops so think beautiful hand made!  Not mass produced engineered items, no plastics please! Please don't send pictures of other people’s products either, we're looking for ideas - not to copy someone else's hard work - it's not ethical. 

      Is there a function that you'd like to see added to the website?

      We are always looking to make the website easier to use, if you've an idea we'll see if it can be done. Equally, if there something that frustrates you when you use our website please let us know and we'll take a look.

      If you can help or have a suggestion please email Hugh and he'll get back to you.

      Also if you'd like to review us on Google or Facebook we'd really appreciate it!