Siesta / News

    • I hope everyone has had a suitably jolly Christmas and New Year. We're having a busy couple of months now, including a few exciting developments. We've added a record breaking number of lines over the last few weeks with many already arrived and another 200ish coming soon over the next few weeks.  

      Our Blog is up and running and we'll be periodically adding new articles when we get a chance, especially after buying trips so you can get to see some of our fantastic producers.

      Bombangles are a brilliant new product line for us, with a fantastic story behind the product. If you haven't seen them yet it's worth a read. 

      We received a huge Mexican container late last year, stuffed full of Baja Hoodies which has replenished all our sizes and colours. We have also added a new 3XL size to six of the most popular colours.

      The bosses are off to India and Nepal in next couple of weeks so again, keep an eye out for new blog articles and new products being added to the site in the next couple of months. 

      Our additions catalogue has now been printed and we've been sending out copies to our wholesale customers (Sorry, this is just for wholesale customers.) This lists many, but not all, of the new items for 2018. The website remains the best place to see our full range of products. Price changes are coming into effect on 1st February with approx 400 lines having changes made.

      Behind the scenes on the website, we've been performing a bit of house keeping after our big winter sale. As part of this we've removed all sale discounts on the website for a little while whilst we get the database of products in order and effect the new price changes. Don't panic though! We'll be looking at putting on another sale in the not too distant future.

    • We've just started adding products to our new Jewellery section of the website, we've started with a selection of fantastic Mexican earring but will be expanding shortly to include some delightful pieces from Peru and some inspired Nepalese Buddhist items