Siesta / News

    • We've just returned from a buying trip to Bali and Thailand. We visited lots of our suppliers and ordered some great new items. There is a write up of the trip on our new blog along with posts on a range of subjects.

      We are also pleased to be offering an exciting new product, Bombangles! These great items are made from recycling deactivated bombs. 

    • Phew! We're now back and recovering from exhibiting at the Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. We've had a packed week but it's been a blast and it's always nice to meet our wholesale customers face to face. The warehouse will be back to processing the orders in its usual efficient manner starting today. Huge thanks to everybody we saw! Our glamourous buyers have also found some lovely new exciting bits and bobs for the shop which will start hitting the shelves shortly. 

      The shop has received lots of lovely applications for a weekend assistant, thanks to all that have applied. We'll be going through the C.V's and will contact those who have been successful to invite them in for a chat shortly.

      We've had a few containers arrive at the warehouse recently, most notably shipments from Bali and Thailand. Unfortunately our forklift has decided to go on the blink so we’re having to move whole container loads of goods by hand, so whilst we are getting fitter it is taking a while to get everything on the shelves in the warehouse. 

    • New Items: Apologies, it's been a bit quiet in this section of the website for a while! The bosses have been saving all their energies for a long jaunt visiting suppliers in Indonesia and Thailand and then Nepal and India in the new year. After a furious exchange of sample ideas and any interesting bits our suppliers have created, expect a flurry of new items coming to the section starting from the end of October onwards. Once items are listed don't forget to request a stock alert so you can be notified as soon as items are available for purchase. Also as we'll be visting suppliers is there anything you lovely people would like to see added? Perhaps you have an idea for something we may be able to get produced? If so get in touch with Hugh @ and we will see what we can do. 

      Sale: We've got a brilliant sale that’s going to be running from the start of October through till November, with over one hundred lines, it's relatively hush hush at the moment but we're sure you'll find something you'll like!

    • Is there a product that we don't sell that you feel would fit in with out site that we don't import ?

      Please remember though we are a Fair Trade supplier and as most of our suppliers are relatively small, often family workshops so think beautiful hand made!  Not mass produced engineered items no plastic's please! Please don't send pictures of other people’s products we're looking for ideas - not to copy someone else's hard work - it's not ethical. 

      Is there a function that you'd like to see added to the website?

      We are always looking to make the website easier to use, if you've an idea we'll see if it can be done. Equally, if there something that frustrates you when you use our website please let us know and we'll take a look.

      If you can help or have a suggestion please email Hugh and he'll get back to you.

      Also if you'd like to review us on Google or Facebook we'd appreciate it!