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    • After a sweltering summer, we are now expecting a busy few months before the Christmas rush with plenty of shipments coming in from Bali, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico and India. Make sure to stay tuned to our Schedule page for more information. We are now also about to turn our attention to approaching buying trips to Bali, Thailand and Laos in search of new clothing and gifts.

      In terms of new products, we are pleased to introduce a new line of Mithila painted items from Nepal. You can read all about them on our blog here. As the nights are beginning to draw in, you may also be interested in some of our new ranges of budget knitwear. Perfect for the upcoming chilly autumn and winter nights, you can take a look at what's available here. Our exciting jewellery ranges have also been selling very well, so be sure to take a look at our earrings from Mexico, Peru and Nepal if this is your bag!

    • Siesta will once again be visiting the NEC to showcase our new lines of clothing and gifts. If you are heading to the Autumn Fair this year, be sure to swing by and say hello at Hall 5 Stand K21.

    • From May the 25th onwards, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and will replace the current Data Protection Act. Siesta is fully committed to complying with the GDPR and we will be contacting all wholesale customers who are registered on our website via email within the next week or so with some further information. Please look out for this email and read the contents carefully. We will also be updating our Privacy Policy to reflect the new data environment and this will be in place by the 25th of May.

    • Finally, spring has sprung! We are pleased to say that accompanying the arrival of warmer weather, the majority of our Spring/Summer clothing lines are now in stock and available to order.  A recent 40ft container of Mexican Baja tops has restocked all the sizes and colours and has also introduced three new colours to the range. Our jewellery section has also expanded a great deal with new earrings from Peru, Mexico and Nepal. 

      We have also taken on the unenviable task this year of having a proper spring clean at the warehouse. Consequently, after we have blown away all the cobwebs, located the thing that makes the fridge smell a bit funny and have generally had a good old sort out, we may well unearth some fantastic bargains!

    • March News

      Well that was a snowy start to March. Bring on summer, which believe it or not is the 25th of this month and around the time we hope to have most of the stock in our coming soon section fulfilled, this includes our selection of new dreamcatchers from Bali and Thai wood carvings and the full range of new clothing.

      This month should also see the bulk of our new Jewellery range become available on the website.

      The Nepalese container that arrived recently also contained a number of larger one-off artisan pieces that are now available in our Unique Items section, among the limited number of massive singing bowls was the most expensive item we've ever added to the website a huge 10kg elaborately etched singing bowl as well as a selection of huge masks and hand painted wheel of life thankas. 

      The bosses are returning from visiting suppliers from India and Nepal and we hope to have some new articles in our Blog when the jet-lag has subsided. Also expect some new pieces to be added shortly including a new range of Indian incense that generated a lot of interest at the spring fair.

      Bombangles are a brilliant new product line for us, with a fantastic story behind the product. If you haven't seen them yet it's worth a read.

      Baja Hoodies are still generally well stocked from our container in Februry though a few colour /size combos are starting to run low and 3XL size have been very popular. Next container is due late April.

      Wholesale customers: if you haven't received a copy of our new additions catalogue do let us know also please be aware that we had a few price rises in February if you haven't visited in a while.

    • Unique items

      The last shipments from Indonesia and Nepal that arrived recently contained a number of larger one-off artisan pieces that are now available in our Unique Items section. Of you are after a centrepiece show stopper then please check out these beautiful items. We added a range of massive singing bowls that are large enough to stand in as well as the most expensive item we've ever added to the website: a huge 10kg elaborately etched singing bowl.

      We've also got a couple of huge laughing Buddhas from Bali, giant elaborately carved and decorated masks and a selection of beautiful, hand-painted wheel of life Buddhist thankas, framed in silken feeling brocade. 

  • 24/01/2018 Jewellery
    • Jewellery

      We've just started adding products to our new Jewellery section of the website. Starting off with a selection of fantastic Mexican earrings, we will be expanding shortly to include some delightful pieces from Peru and some inspired Nepalese Buddhist items.