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Siesta / News

    • Nepalese Air Freight Arrival

      We have just taken delivery of a small air freight consignment from Nepal. We've replenished the stock of some old favourites, like our Wisdom eyes gheri purse, Tie up dungarees and the ever popular Nepalese stripy trousers.

      This air freight is just the prelude to our much larger container, currently on the first leg of its journey from Nepal and expected to arrive with us within the fortnight.


    • Mexican Container

      A Mexican container has arrived into our warehouse with our best selling Baja Jumpers, Falsa Blankets and Serapes. They are already selling out fast. To avoid disappointment please place your order sooner rather than later.

    • We are pleased to tell you that our Bali container has arrived. Packed with pre-existing stock lines for replenishment and a few new gems, like our Mandala Plaque and the new Owl of Life Plaque!

    • Huzzah, we've a whole jam packed container of Hari Darshan Incense arriving in the warehouse on Friday 6/9. This container is packed with many new fragrances including the new Tribal Soul incences, Noor Oud incense and new Hexagon Incense. There will also be a large re-stock of all the other Incenses that have proved extremely popular this year.

    • We've just added an exciting new area to the website called Collections. We wanted to show you lovely people some themed selections of items across several different categories, to inspire and entertain and also to show off some perennial best-sellers. 

      We hope you enjoy exploring this new feature. We are also busy working on some more themes but if you would like to see a specific collection added please get in touch.

  • 28/01/2019 New Items & Price Changes
    • New Items

      Winter is now fully upon us but we've been keeping warm and busy here with preparations for the year ahead. We've added 200 new products to the website, some of which are here already and some of which will be available in the next couple of months so do keep an eye on our Just Added & Coming Soon sections. Remember, if you see something you like, you can request a stock notification and we'll email you when it's available. Highlights of the new products include:

      A new range of Hari Darshan Incense, who produce our Tribal Soul Indian incense that was hugely popular last year.
      Several New Thai Weave products which were also a big hit last year.
      A tasty new range of Kenyan Earrings.
      A delightful summer clothing range of Jungle Print from Indonesia. (Also available in more muted, solid blue or black.)
      Hand made Cusco Beads from Peru, amazing Artisan Carved Gourds and Day of the Dead Glass Goods.
      and many many more...

      The Brexit effect - Price changes:

      If you lovely people didn't already know, we import nearly all our products directly ourselves and no matter what your stance on Brexit is, the pound is weak at the moment and this, combined with price increases in some of our supplier countries, means that we are forced to increase some, but by no means all, of our prices. We have kept the increases as low as possible. However, please note the new prices will come into effect at the start of February. If you want to order anything before then you might save yourself a few bob!

      Discover Incense Subscription

      We are now pleased to offer a Discover Incense Subscription, a lovingly curated selection box containing at least three packets of incredible incense, a special gift and a carefully composed Lokta paper sheet of notes and information about your incense. Boxes will be delivered free of charge directly to your door each month.

      Other Bits

      We've got some lovely new people working at our warehouse! Please give them a big hello and warm welcome if you speak to them:  Andy, Daisy and Tony. Hi!

      We've added a few new Blog articles for those that want to hear a little more about some of our products and their producers.

      Wholesale customers, we've got a couple of extra bits of news for you! You can read these after logging in to the wholesale area.  



    • Bombangles News

      We are pleased to report that we have made a further donation to both MAG (Registered UK charity 1083008) and LEOT School of English (Registered UK Charity 115944.) This time we were able to send £233.16 to each charity from the sales of Bombangles and we would like to thank all the customers who have purchased them and made this possible. 

    • Jewellery

      Our Jewellery section of the website has been a roaring success with of our customers making repeat orders after trying out a few pieces in their usual orders. The initial selection of fantastic Mexican earrings has now been expanded to include beautiful pieces from Nepal and Peru. We've also been working towards expanding our range of Buddhist jewellery which you can see here

    • Unique items

      The last shipments from Indonesia and Nepal that arrived recently contained a number of larger one-off artisan pieces that are now available in our Unique Items section. Of you are after a centrepiece show stopper then please check out these beautiful items. We added a range of massive singing bowls that are large enough to stand in as well as the most expensive item we've ever added to the website: a huge 10kg elaborately etched singing bowl.

      We've also got a couple of huge laughing Buddhas from Bali, giant elaborately carved and decorated masks and a selection of beautiful, hand-painted wheel of life Buddhist thankas, framed in silken feeling brocade.