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    • This strikingly loud instrument was affectionately named for its ability to create an unexpectedly strange, wobbling sound. Properly known as a flexatone, the instrument is played by placing the wooden handle in the palm with the thumb on the end of the metal sheet. When shaken, the two knockers beat against the metal sheet to create a sound which can then be bent in pitch by adjusting the thumb's pressure on the metal sheet.

      As an instrument, the flexatone (we prefer boing thingy) has been used to great effect in several rock, pop and funk songs (check out the end of 'Jimmy Jazz' by The Clash or most Funkadelic songs) and even very occasionaly in classical compositions. It is as a sound effect however that the instrument has been utilized most, often being used in classic cartoons to represent ghosts and other paranormal happenings.

      Approx: 28cm × 9cm
      A.K.A Flexitone
      Origin: Indonesia

      • Flexatone - A loud boing sound musical instrument
      • Wooden handle
      • Metal sheet with 2 knockers
      • Fair trade from Bali
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