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    • Cotton hand crocheted Haki (Hacky) Sacks from Guatemala in a wide variety of vibrant colours and patterns. The designs include a mix of traditional Guatemalan patterns, home made patterns, rainbow designs and very occasionally something completely off the wall (we’ve seen alien heads, 8 balls and 'Barbados' to name a few.) The sacks are filled with just the right amount of recycled plastic pellet shaped beads - not too full but not too empty. This gives them just the right amount of crunch in the hand. However you can easily loosen the feel by rubbing them between the palms or even reduce the stuffing by gently inserting a blunted pencil point between stitches to enlarge a hole so they can be shaken out. After removing the desired amount, rub the ball between your palms again to close the weave.

      These sacks are also ideal for people who want to start to learn to juggle as they are affordable and do not roll away easily. Juggling helps to improve hand-eye coordination and, according recent research, may even help the brain grow!

      Sacks are sold singly

      Average: 6cm ∅
      Colours and Patterns vary
      Origin: Guatemala

      • Hand made crochet balls from Guatemala
      • Huge mix of patterns and colours
      • Footbag or stress ball
      • Fair Trade from Guatemala

This product will likely vary from the picture shown. Most of our goods are handmade and as such slight natural variation should be expected. We believe it is better to have a unique product than mass conformity. More info

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