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Siesta / Gifts / Ceramics / Huehueteotl Statue



    • These traditional 'barro' style pottery statues depict Huehueteotl, a Mesoamerican deity who figures in the pantheons of many pre-Columbian cultures. The standard iconography of Huehueteotl consists of the cross-legged seated position, the hands in an open palmed, clenched fist combination and the large round censer headdress which may have been used as a sacrificial altar on larger statues. Huehueteotl is often also considered to be another, usually more elderly, aspect of the fire-god, Xiuhtecuhtli. These ornamental styles make great functional ornaments for keeping a plant pot or spare change in.

      Colours vary.
      Approx: 12cm ∅ and 14cm high.
      Origin: Mexico

      • Ceramic Huehueteotl statue
      • Large head altar section
      • Traditional Barro style pottery
      • Handmade and Fair Trade from Mexico