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Siesta / Clothing / Scarves & Snoods / Indian Sari Skinny Scarf



    • Wonderfully lightweight scarves made from off-cuts of sari material, these lovely hemmed pieces of fabric come in a huge range of colours and patterns making each piece pretty much unique, they are perfect size for a neck scarf or keeping hair tied back or just generally adding a little colour into any outfit. Please note that the material varies not just in terms of colour and pattern but maybe, polyester, silk, rayon or a variation of.

      Please be aware that our sari products are made using up fabric that would otherwise be wasted. This means that each item is unique. The photos here are for illustrative purposes only, you will not necessarily receive a product that looks exactly like the photo. 

      Approx: 150cm × 25cm
      All Colours & patterns vary
      Origin: India

      • Lightweight scarf made from recycled sari material
      • Wide range of colours and patterns
      • Fair Trade from India

This product will likely vary from the picture shown. Most of our goods are handmade and as such slight natural variation should be expected. We believe it is better to have a unique product than mass conformity. More info