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Siesta / Music / Sound Effects / Large Chilean Cactus Rainstick



    • This larger version of our attractive rainsticks is made from a length of naturally fallen cactus. After being dried, the nail like spines are pushed back into the hollow body of the instrument in a helix formation. The instrument is then filled with tiny gravel before the ends are sealed shut.

      When the rainstick is upended to a vertical position, the gravel falls slowly through the spines down the length of the cactus. As it does this it creates an enchanting sound reminiscent of rains falling. This, our largest rainstick at about one metre, has the lengthiest period of sound and has applications in sound therapy and relaxation techniques.

      Rainsticks are believed to have originally been an invention of the Aztecs whom it is thought used them ritually to call for rain and thunderstorms. Our cactus rainsticks are hand made in Chile from naturally fallen cactus which would otherwise have gone to waste. They also feature a decorative strip of brightly coloured, Chilean material around one end.

      Approx: 5cm ∅ × 100cm
      This is a natural product and shapes will vary slightly.
      Origin: Chile

      • Made from cactus
      • Upcycled product
      • Shapes will vary slightly
      • Woven decorative strip
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