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Siesta / Specials / Unique Pieces / Machig Labdron Thanka No 2



    • Machig Labdron is commonly viewed as a dakini, a yogini and as a deity. She was unusual in that she was both a woman and a Tibetan, distinguishing her from the normal path of Indian male Buddhist masters. Machig Labdron spent her life in various guises, a brilliant scholar, respected teacher, caring mother and wandering mendicant. She is depicted here holding a damaru double-headed drum in her right hand and a ghanta bell in her left, her leg raised in a dancing pose atop a lotus pedestal. Also of note is her three eyes and beatific countenance.

      This thanka has been carefully hand painted in the traditional style by skilled artisans in the Kathmandu Valley. It is then bordered with luxurious brocade material. Every thanka is traditionally given a veil which is used to cover the painting when not in use for protection.

      Inc brocade approx: 84cm × 55cm
      Painting approx: 35cm × 26cm
      Origin: Nepal

      • Traditional Buddhist painting
      • Depicts Machig Labdron
      • Complete with brocade trim and a veil
      • Made in the Tradtional style in Kathmandu Valley
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