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Siesta / Gifts / Ceramics / Aztec Tlaloc Mask Urn



    • This fascinating urn features the face of the Aztec god of lightning, rain and thunder Tlaloc. As the god of rain he was revered as the giver of life and provider of soil fertility but was also feared for his lightning bolts and destructive powers. This particular urn is based upon a Tlaloc ceramic effigy which was found in the Templo Mayor, a huge pyramid shaped temple in present day Mexico City. Tlaloc is shown bearing a fearsome visage with sharp teeth and round goggle eyes. Sacrificial offerings were a major part of worship and humans were a commonplace offerings at Tlaloc's shrines.

      The urn is made in the traditional 'barro' pottery style in a small family workshop near Texcoco, Mexico.

      Approx: 14cm × 13cm × 12cm
      Origin: Mexico

      • Depicts the Axtec god Tlaloc
      • God of rain, thunder and lightning
      • Hand crafted barro style pottery
      • Handmade and Fair Trade from Mexico
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