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    • These beautiful Ghanaian djembes are hand carved from solid, chunky African cedar wood for booming, loud bass tones and whip-crack highs. This impressive 13" head version features a thick, unbleached goat skin head and tough stringing. Our Ghanaian djembes also feature fascinating and authentic hand carved decorative patterns.

      These authentically African instruments are played with the bare hands and are capable of creating a large palette of percussive sounds, making it a very versatile instrument. Djembes are great for expanding conga set ups or for adding texture to percussion sections.

      The drum body of these drums is made from the fast-growing wood of the Tweneboa tree, an African cedar and the wood is purchased from the forestry commision of Ghana. The drum skins are made from strong goat skin and have not been bleached or weakened by any other aesthetic process. Each drum has been individually hand made by African drummers who can create these beautiful instruments with the passion and specialist knowledge they have gained from years of experience.

      Approx: 60-65cm High 13″ ∅ Head
      Origin: Ghana

      • Top quality percussion instrument
      • Tough, unbleached goat skin
      • Rope stringing for tuning
      • Hand carved in Ghana by professional musicians
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